The Ultimate Healthy Home – Part 2 (final)

I am back after a one month hiatus. It was an eventful month, I won’t be talking about it here except for a small relevant part. I will be moving into an apartment as I mentioned before. So, I went to a home deco fair last Sunday to get some ideas. The prevalent theme in home furnishing is aesthetically driven. Unlike my parents’ generation when granite, maple, leather were key words synonymous with quality indicating the pursuit of material exquisitivity, this generation can live with synthetic material as long as it looks good. EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) requirements are being marketed by some but mostly come across as gimmicky.

To me, home deco should be natural and health promoting. I find that a healthy living environment is half a battle won in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. For a healthy lifestyle can only be culminated through consistent, long term healthy habits that takes effort to cultivate. It’s ironic; we all know that we should sleep early, drink plenty of water and exercise but so often we fail to do so. We always seem to be caught up in something at eleven o’clock (a presentation for tomorrow’s meeting, the final episode of a tear jerking soap opera), fresh drinking water is always out of reach when we need it most and the jogging track is a few traffic lights away. Recognizing my own weak will power, I am going to furnish my apartment in ways that encourage healthy practices.

The bedroom should be simple and cozy with an enticing bed.

Image from
Image from
There can be a small shelf with some books for light reading but I will not bring a study or a TV in. The general ceiling lighting should be of a romantic shade while the bedside task light is for reading. I will have a jug of fresh drinking water by the bed.
I will have another jug of drinking water in the living hall. The arrangement should be ergonomic for a day that start with a glass of water on the way to the balcony where a three-in-one therapy of body stretching, deep breathing and eye relaxation (by looking at greeneries more than 20 feet away) can be achieved.

Moving on to the kitchen, there will be an oats dispenser. A bowl of oats plus a splash of milk from the fridge is how simple a healthy breakfast can be prepared.

I can think of many other ways to achieve health through design, can’t wait to implement them.


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