Future of Quality – Part 2

BMS is not a term for another best practice. There are two points to be clarified. First, BMS is not a registered trademark such as 6 Sigma, TQM, ISO or Balanced Scorecard. It is a general term like QMS. Second, Balanced Scorecard, ironically, can be classified as a primitive example of a BMS operating system. See outline below.


BMS is a high level management system evolved from QMS through a natural selection process; the role of the quality function has evolved from control of product to specification, to process control and reduction of variation, to development and implementation of a process based QMS (designed to achieve and sustain continual improvement and customer satisfaction), to a BMS with a scope extending beyond product/service quality to entreprise excellence. “An entreprise in this context may be described as an entity, which is comprised of resources organized into functions and processes and employs technology (a combination of product and process technology), to provide goods or services of value to the customer.”

This evolution should directly engage all entreprise functions and processes in the BMS, including human resource management, sales and marketing, project management, design and process engineering, supply chain management, strategic planning and data processing, with the quality function serving a facilitative role. The QMS/BMS requires methods of process control, problem solving and quantitative analysis be effectively applied to these processes and functional areas.

“While the resources (people, equipment, facilities and energy) engaged in these processes may be organized into arbitrarily designated functions or departments for administrative purposes, the BMS approach recognizes all these elements exist for a sole purpose; to support, provision and enhance the value generating processes.” A recapitulation:

  • Quality, as a management system objective, is entreprise excellence
  • All functions and processes should be engaged in the controlling and improving processes
  • All resources across the functions should be engaged in the value generating processes

The next questions are ‘How then can a good shared level of understanding be achieved and sustained across the functions and processes?’ and ‘How can the quality function facilitate?’. (… to be continued)


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