The Ultimate Healthy Home – Part 1

I have an idea. An idea of a healthy home. A countryside house by a river, surrounded by lush greeneries. Like the soulful illustration by E. M. Wimperis, of Jane Eyre at Lowood.

Jane Eyre in Lowood by E. M. Wimperis

Jane Eyre at Lowood by E. M. Wimperis

Every morning, I wake up to sounds of chirping birds. Every breath I take fills my lungs with chlorophyll tinted fresh air. As I swing open the windows, I am greeted by the warm dawn sunlight. As I step outside, the cool breeze caressing my face and the soothing sound of flowing stream welcome me to a world created by God.

Coming back to reality, I will be moving into an apartment with my husband. An urban cage surrounded by concrete jungle. I will be waking up to sounds of honking cars. Every breath I take will fill my lungs with carbon monoxide polluted air. Welcome to the man-created world.

Can the healthy home concept be recreated in my apartment? How?


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