Obsessive Compulsive, Perfectionistic or ‘Systemanic’?

I am theory orientated. I trust logic and reason, swear by standard and order, and adopted a highly systematic approach in doing things at work. At home, a possibly related but different set of behaviours or symptoms are inherent in me:

  • When I was using a collage-blanket, I had to fold it in a certain way with my favourite part of the collage facing upwards every morning and that would make my day.
  • Bottles of products from my beauty regime have to be arranged from the tallest bottle to the lowest on my dressing table.
  • I maintain my mailbox frequently to ensure that the number of emails in my inbox and sent items are even numbers.

Am I obsessive compulsive? Am I perfectionistic? Can’t find the term for my condition yet. I am calling it systemania.


One Response

  1. You are a control freak, that’s what you are.

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